AI-Driven Video Creatives for Social Media Success.

Unlock Your Creative Potential at Scale with AI-Powered Short Scripts and Voice-Overs, Leveraging Proven Ad Creatives for Social Media Success.
Expand Reach. Amplify Influence
Unleash Limitless Creativity
Effortlessly Create Viral Content

Ramp up your production without burning out

No more scratching around for ideas.
Increase your video output without hiring help.
Take production shortcuts rather than working more.
No forcing your tired brain to be creative.
No more anxiety and overwhelm at your video to-do list.
No expensive outsourcing to writers or voice actors.
Ramp Up Your Production

Let AI do the hard work for you

It's a lot of work feeding these social platforms with enought video content to be successful. But you don't need to take all the work on yourself.

We now have easy to use AI thechnology that can be creative for you and speed up the process so you get more done.

How it works

Select A Creative
Browse through our content library full of already proven video creatives and select the one that resonates with your brand.
Customize it
Provide us with details like, brand name/service or product.
Add a Voice
Review your custom script/edit/regenerate and add a voice-over.

Perfect for social media professionals

BuzzVox keeps you craking out videos to build your brand or convert more customers.
UFC Creator
UGC Creators
BuzzVox won't let you run out of hight-converting videos for clients old and new.
BuzzVox makes it easy to stay on trend and reach a bigger fan base.

Get Noticed Faster On ...

Youtube Shorts
Youtube Shorts
Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels
Facebook Feeds
Facebook Feeds

Text-to-Speech at the click of a button

BuzzVox gives you access to human-sounding voice-overs in over 60 languages and accents. Take your videos truly global, capitalize on text-to-speech trends, or create the effect of multiple voice actors working together, all at click of a button.

Unlock your creativity & stress less


Before BuzzVox

Being successful on social media means producing loads of video content.

Let's be honest, just the thought of it can make us feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Even looking at your video to-do list can bring about a deep sense of dread and anxiety, like you're preparing to climb Mount Everest.

After BuzzVox

From hours wracking your tried brain for fresh video, to spending just a few minutes for more ideas than you can handle by following a couple of simple steps.

Even the once draining task of hiring voice actors and booking recording sessions is solved with text-to-speech in just a couple of clicks.

No more uphill battles – BuzzVox is your social video magic wand.